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The world’s most advanced training simulator for paramedics

SimLeader technology provides a safe training environment that allows teams to prepare for the unpredictable and properly evaluate their limitations and capacities under stress.

These advanced tools and solutions help create and implement new training options and interactive learning activities that will help validate and consolidate new skills, while also testing the behaviors and attitudes related to specific real-life scenarios.

ERBoxSim is the world’s only ambulance simulator with full front and back hydraulics, allowing cohesive driver and paramedic simulations with motion and vibration. The ERBoxSim provides revolutionary immersive training for drivers and paramedics in simulated conditions, including radical weather, poor road conditions, and an array of traffic scenarios.

ERBoxSim Ambulance simulators come in a variety of models, depending on your training needs and budget! The Echo Healthcare team is here every step of the way to help design and implement your ERBoxSim Ambulance Simulator.

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