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Give one simulator multiple patient profiles with EchoMask!

EchoMask is designed to enhance the fidelity of your simulators by providing a dramatic increase to the level of realism your learners experience. EchoMasks allow you to transform a plastic looking manikin into a realistic patient while protecting your simulator investment and not compromising the mechanical fidelity!

The level of realism provided with EchoMask will create emotional attachment and engagement amongst your learners. These life-like masks are available in a wide range of ages, genders and skin tones with the ability to add specialty features applicable to your training program and to better represent the patient population you serve locally.

EchoMasks can be worn by standardized patients or fitted onto your existing manikins, without compromising the functionality or fidelity. They are easily applied overtop of your existing simulator’s head, allowing you to turn a single manikin into many different patient profiles. EchoMasks are so realistic, they look and feel like human skin!

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