Lifecast Body Simulation is proud to announce the launch of manufacturing in Sarasota, Florida in collaboration with Echo Healthcare.

Echo Healthcare is the proud licensor, manufacturer and distributor of Lifecast Body Simulation Products in North America. Over 30 years of creating manikins for films and movies (including Oscar-winning work on films such as “Gladiator” and “Saving Private Ryan”) have been married with the latest medical technology to create the most lifelike training tools available for today’s medical learners. Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare, states, “We are thrilled to be able to serve our customers in both the USA and Canada with local manufacturing, supply and support. We are also proud to create numerous new jobs across North America on both the production and commercial side.”

John Schoonraad, Creative Director and cofounder of Lifecast Body Simulation states “It has always been my dream to build our medical products in the USA, and we are delighted to be collaborating with Echo Healthcare to realize our joint vision of transforming medical education through innovation.”

About Lifecast Body Simulation

Lifecast Body Simulation Ltd: Lifecast Body Simulation Ltd manikins manufacture a highly accurate and lifelike range of bodies designed in the UK and manufactured in the USA. The manikins are a 3D scanned (Head) and Lifecast (Head and Body) of a real person with the characteristics of human features. The LCBS is available as Paediatric or adult manikins of both genders and different ethnicities. Production and manufacturing techniques include a hand sculptured finish both externally and of the upper and lower airways, this ensures authenticity and anatomical accuracy.