Sarasota, Florida – Echo Healthcare, Inc., a global leader in high-reality simulation and a worldwide leader in immersive spaces and educational software, announced today the launch of a new division within the company. Echo Education Technology will proudly serve all primary, secondary, HOSA, STEM and Career and Technical Education institutions at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

As healthcare simulation and interactive learning are being introduced rapidly in early education, Echo Healthcare recognized the need to develop a division with dedicated personnel to better serve these customers. The strategy behind the new division is a distinctively different approach to the market than what the industry is seeing from competitors and one that is expected to provide exceptional customer service. The introduction of Echo Education Technology allows Echo Healthcare to be on the forefront of providing innovative products and services catered to early childhood education, an important market segment to the overall organization.

“Students today are growing up in technology-rich homes and have a passion for learning with technology early on. They are also identifying career paths and taking college credited courses in middle school and high school. Our products continue to evolve to allow students to engage in the educational content being delivered to them in a hands-on way so the information is retained long-term. At the same time, our products provide educators with a realistic and non-traditional approach to delivering educational content in a way that students will understand it and be excited to learn!” says Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare and Echo Education Technology.

Echo Education Technology proudly offers medical simulation products to include highly realistic adult, pediatric and infant medical training manikinsEchoMasks and SecondSkin to enhance the realism of existing manikins and simulated patient monitors to be used by health sciences, CTE and STEM programs. Immersive Interactive is a fully interactive system which transforms a single classroom or room into thousands of engaging virtual learning environments, complete with sounds and smells to mimic that real-life environment. The walls are touch-sensor so the students can engage with the content and environment being delivered to them and take interactive quizzes directly from their immersive room.

About Echo Education Technology

Echo Healthcare was founded in 2018 by a group of passionate simulation experts whose mission is to improve patient outcomes and save lives through innovation, education and simulation technologies. Echo Education Technology, a division of Echo Healthcare’s, mission is to redefine how teaching is being delivered in classrooms all over the world through innovation, education and technology.