Sarasota, Florida – Echo Healthcare is pleased to announce the collaborative partnership with Swansea University’s College of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences on their interactive, immersive technology for their new, state-of-the-art simulation and immersive learning center.

SUSIM’s main campus in Wales, U.K. will house eight (8) immersive simulation suites outfitted with Immersive Interactive, along with another three (3) immersive simulation suites at their Saint David’s Park campus, making this Echo Healthcare’s largest Immersive Interactive installation globally. This multi-campus, multi-million pound simulation project was designed in partnership with Carmarthenshire County Council and is scheduled to open in September, 2023.

SISUM is on the forefront of interprofessional, simulation-based education and training providing a wide array of simulation modalities to include SPs, manikin-based simulation, hybrid simulation, augmented, virtual and assisted realities and computer-based simulation. Now, with Immersive Interactive, their faculty and learners can realistically train in any multisensory, simulated virtual learning environment. Each wall of their 11 Immersive Interactive rooms will display touch interactive, high-quality projections of any simulated clinical environment, complete with didactic content (quizzes, x-rays, labs, video content, etc), sounds and smells to fully engage learners and enhance their ability to retain the educational content being delivered to them.

“The Swansea University SUSIM team from the faculty of Medicine, Health, and Life Sciences is delighted to be working with the team at Echo Healthcare’s Immersive Interactive in the design and opening of a state-of-the-art Simulation and Immersive Learning Centre. We share a passion that the use of simulation-based education (SBE) and research enhances learner, team, and system performance and is aided by technology that allows learners to genuinely immerse and suspend disbelief as they train to be part of clinical teams within complex environments. Our multi-site simulation immersive project will allow us to rapidly expand our SBE programmes for our students and provide additional opportunities to partner with our Health Boards, our local and academic communities, and stakeholders combining trained simulation faculty with innovative technologies to support quality simulation experiences. I am proud to be directing this project and a team with the vision to enhance the training of current and future healthcare team members and look forward to opening our immersive simulation spaces in 2023” said Associate Professor Joanne Davies – SUSIM Director.

“I am absolutely thrilled to partner with the world leading and innovative Swansea University team. Combining our expertise and knowledge will lead to better educational outcomes and I couldn’t be happier that we are on this journey together,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.