Sarasota, Florida – Echo Healthcare, Inc., a global leader in high-reality simulation training solutions and a worldwide leader in immersive spaces and educational software, announced today their distribution partnership with 7-SIGMA Simulation Systems (7S3). This partnership makes Echo Healthcare the exclusive distributor for all civilian accounts in North and South America while BMK Ventures continues to distribute for all US Government entities. With this partnership, Echo Healthcare continues to be on the forefront providing the most realistic simulation training solutions to hospitals, academic institutions and medical education facilities around the world.

The distribution partnership allows Echo Healthcare and its subsidiaries the opportunity to distribute 7-SIGMA’s high-fidelity and hyper-realistic intubation and airway management skills trainers under Echo Healthcare’s robust product portfolio. The 7-SIGMA airway trainers allow for oral and nasal intubation using all airway adjuncts and are excellent hands-on training options for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. With multiple patient profiles, pathologies and the ability to easily change out airway types and face skins with the unique 7- SIGMA modular design, these trainers allow for an easy-to-use, realistic solution to become proficient in intubation and airway management skills.

Each airway trainer is created with 7-SIGMA’s high-quality polymer, creating an unparalleled level of fidelity, realism and durability which is consistent with Echo Healthcare’s quality standards. Each airway trainer is designed with an anatomically correct epiglottis, tongue, vocal cords and tracheal rings that support realistic biomechanics. Echo Healthcare now offers full torso trainers and lighter, partial airway skills trainers in a variety of ages, models, skin tones, airway types and pathologies to include swollen victim, a burn victim and a Covid-19 patient.

“We are pleased to offer 7-SIGMA Simulation Systems (7S3) airway intubation products under our portfolio. As a leader in medical simulation solutions with a strong focus on realism and quality, we have found a solution for intubation skills trainers that matches our unparalleled level of realism and fidelity that we offer across our entire product portfolio. Intubation and airway management is a skill that is frequently trained on by all levels of learners and healthcare professionals and we want to be able to provide the best solution to the marketplace. With the addition of 7-SIGMA products, our customers now have the ability to pair their skills trainers with the highest level of quality they’ve come to expect from Echo Healthcare,” says Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

About 7-SIGMA:

7-SIGMA is a successful designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance polymer and metal components and assemblies for the printing, medical, aerospace, and industrial markets. 7-SIGMA branded and created 7S3 to provide innovative polymer solutions to the growing medical industry. With over 40 years of experience, 7-SIGMA airway trainers are the superior choice for developing best practices to safely intubate.