(Sarasota, Florida) – Echo Healthcare, Inc. a global leader in highly realistic simulation training solutions and a worldwide leader in immersive spaces and educational software announced a monumental partnership agreement with TraumaSim in September, 2023 to manufacture TraumaSim® products at their Sarasota, Florida, USA headquarters and exclusively resell in North and South American markets.

Echo Education Technology, a division of Echo Healthcare has now expanded their TraumaSim product offering to include highly realistic Emergency Tourniquet Trainers and additional Hemorrhage Control simulation products for military and civilian training. As arterial bleeding can cause death in as little as 3 minutes, these invaluable trainers allow all first responders an accurate means of training in a repeat and reliable manner to master the skills, mentally and physically, in the event they need to use it in a real life clinical scenario.

TraumaSim’s Emergency Tourniquet Trainer is the WORLD’S FIRST tourniquet trainer and remains the gold standard today. Available as a leg or arm trainer in 17 different skin tone options, this realistic and reactive skills trainer was designed to aid in tourniquet application and repeat training for lifesaving hemorrhage control for defense forces, first responders, first aid trainers, hospitals and teaching institutions globally. As a reactive trainer, the Emergency Tourniquet Trainer will actively bleed until proper tourniquet application has been initiated, making this the most realistic and robust trainer on the market.

Echo Healthcare offers several options for hemorrhage control training, including the newest additions of junctional, arm and torso trainers to expand their product offering in trauma training. Each hemorrhage control trainer is realistically designed and clinically accurate to assist in the training of wound packing and tourniquet application to properly control arterial bleeding. The unparalleled realism of the trainer’s hand-painted wounds and simulated blood delivery system for instructor-controlled bleeding, allows learners to practice wound packing with real hemostatic dressing to gain confidence and skill to better prepare them for real patients.

The addition of TraumaSim’s highly realistic trauma training products enhances Echo Healthcare’s position at forefront of healthcare education and increases the ability to drive their overall mission: to improve patient outcomes and save lives through innovation, education and technology. TraumaSim products include highly realistic moulage, wounds, task trainers, trauma wear and simulation products that compliment Echo Healthcare’s robust line of realistic simulation training solutions. These medically accurate, high-quality medical grade silicone products assist in the training and assessment of medics, first responders, nurses and healthcare professionals of all specialties and can be human worn or applied to training manikins. TraumaSim also believes in the shared importance of diversity and offers a wide array of products, genders and skin tones.

Echo Healthcare will have the newest TraumaSim products on display at the upcoming IMSH 2024 Conference, as well as all subsequent regional and national conferences to follow.

About TraumaSim

Since 2008, TraumaSim has been providing medically accurate products and services designed to simulate realistic wounds, injuries and medical conditions that assist in the healthcare training around the globe. TraumaSim products are designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, offering a bespoke service to develop specific wounds, injuries, medical conditions or task trainers to suit your requirements. We have worked closely with many organizations, including medical, military and emergency services, and are confident we have the know-how to bring your vision to life.
Website: https://traumasim.com.au